ici MEDIA began as a consulting company over 25 years ago, working in many different industries, developing computer applications on a variety of platforms. Interactive VideoDisc applications for training, tradeshows, education and entertainment paved the way for interactive multimedia on CD-ROMs. Soon after producing numerous commercial and consumer CD-ROM titles, the World-Wide-Web started to grow in popularity. ici MEDIA's multimedia design, artistic and technical experience tranferred very quickly to accomodate the opportunities on the WWW. The last five years, ici MEDIA has continued to produce websiteswhile expanding its development and marketing capabilities to harness the power of social media and viral marketing. . ici MEDIA's capabilities are reflected in its diverse history of computer, multimedia, accounting, database, websites, flash, and online community projects.



ici MEDIA is a talented, diversified interactive communications firm, specializing in custom website development, consumer and commerical CD-ROM titles, online advertising, internet content publishing and electronic commerce, social media integation and online community design and development. We strive to create multi-dimensional communications that strategically integrate persuasive information, inviting interactivity and emerging technologies to fulfill our client's business objectives.
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